Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Breast Cancer Walkathon - 18 October 2009

In deep thought!
Some people walking

Doing what us ladies do best - talking!

Still at the start!

At the Start...


Me - doing the walk with Ethan in the pram!
( Daryl help push Ethan most of the way - Alicia helped too and Gill helped too)

Silvana, Little Julian and Silvana's Sister!

Chatting and waiting!

Standing and waiting!

Kim and Oh So Cute Aiden!

Daryl - Declan's Daddy

Gill - Declan's Mommy

Some Deccie supporters!

The Crowds

Hi All,

I hope everyone is well? We are doing just fine.. Hannah is getting so big and Ethan too..

We did the 5km Breast Cancer Walkathon on Sunday... It was great fun, tiring, but fun.. Hannah and Daddy went to walk around the Zoo and look at all the animals and Gill, Alicia, Daryl, Liesel, Silvana & hubby & sister and Julian and Ethan and Myself took on the 5km in our Declan T-shirts - I know I have missed a few names but I can't remember everyone....

So Enjoy the pics...



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bandana Day Today!

Hi All,

I am finally able to sit and do a quick blog before my day gets real hectic...

Today is Bandana day - so if you have not purchased your bandana, go and get one - the proceeds go to The Sunflower Fund.... to read more about The Sunflower Fund go to http://www.sunflowerfund.org.za/

We must remember and celebrate the lives of those that are fighting cancer, those we have lost to cancer and those that have survived cancer:

So here is to the precious lives of:

Angel Declan Du Toit - A dear baby very close to my heart who passed away from cancer at the tender age of 8 months.. He fought a brave fight and received his miracle finally in heaven. We celebrate his precious life - those beautiful blue eyes and smile!

Deqlan Ross Higgins - A brave survivor of cancer... Deqlan is extemely near and dear to my heart. Deqlan was diagnosed with cancer and fought so hard, he won his battle and is now NED (No Evidence of disease)... He celebrated his 3rd birthday on the 11th of September 2009. Deqlan opened my eyes to the world of cancer - Since I started following his story - I have met very brave children and adults alike that are fighting this monster.... We celebrate you today too, Deqlan!

Reef Carneson - A dear baby that is currently fighting, was diagnosed with Leukemia and has had a bone marrow transplant... The marrow is working and he now needs lots platelets.. We celebrate your life today, Reef !...

I have just put three names up here, but there are so many fighters out there.... We celebrate all the lives of the Cancer Survivors, Warriors and Angels!

God Bless Everyone and Keep you all safe!

Lots of Bandana Love


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Deqlan Ross Higgins - Cancer Survivor
Declan Du Toit - Brave little Angel

Hi All,

For those of you that do not know - September is childhood cancer awareness month. My dear friend Samm is honouring a warrior, angel or survivor of cancer each day and I would like to follow her example by honouring these children.

I am going to be dedicating the entire month to two very dear children that are very close to my heart:

Declan Du Toit - Angel

I followed Declan's journey by reading his blog from when he was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age and continued to follow until now, even though Declan is no longer with us, he lives on in spirit guiding everyone to do good work in his remembrance. Please go read Declan's story and go and see what his parents are doing in his memory on www.all-hands-on-dec.co.za

I was and still am amazed at the strength of a small baby, Declan had unbelievable courage and fight in him. Although Declan is sorely missed by many, he lived his purpose and left a huge imprint on everyones life. The most gorgeous little baby with the most wise eyes!

This month we thank the Lord for allowing us to be part of Declan's life and to follow his story.. We remember and honour Declan this month.

Deqlan Ross Higgins - Survivor

What more can one say about a Brave little boy! Deqlan was diagnosed with cancer round 8 months old and he fought a avery brave fight - he was determined to beat cancer and he did. I followed his story every step of the way and continue to follow his story as he goes full steam ahead, with the help of his wonderful family, to overcome his Autism. Deqlan ahs made wonderful progress and I urge you all to read his story on www.deqlanhiggins.blogspot.com

Deqlan, we are so proud of you and we can see all the strength and determination in your eyes - you are here for a divine purpose and I can't wait to see you grow up and fulfill that purpose. You have a very special place in my heart always and forever!

This month we thank the Lord for Deqlan and his continued health, we also honour you Brave Deqlan!

We also think of and continue to pray for all those little ones fighting this horrible monster. We pray that the Lord holds them in palm of His hands and heals them. We also think of and pray for all the families who have lost children to this horrible monster!

Lets stand together and create awareness for Childhood cancer!



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Brithday Ethan!

Ethan making his entrance a year ago!
Mommy finally meeting Ethan!

Sleeping in his hospital cot - so peaceful!

Ethan at 1 year!
Happy birthday big boy!

To Our Gorgeous Baby Boy!

Time has passed by so quickly and you are growing so fast. I can remember your birth day so clear, it was a cold day, storms everywhere - there had to be big events happening beacuse the most special little boy was going to be born. I was so excited to meet you and I was so happy to see your tiny face all safe and sound once Dr Miems finally got you out!

There is never a day that you don't smile - when I walk throurgh the door everydasy after a long hard day, you are so excited to see me and smile from ear to ear.. What more could a mother ask for....

We love you so much and wish only the best for you.. We love you tons and tons. God bless and keep you safe our precious baby boy!


Mommy, Daddy and Hannah

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick Update!

Hi All,

Hope you are all well? Its been a long time since I wrote an update and thought I would quickly update you on the happenings...

My babies are doing well. Hannah has almost completely recovered from Bells Palsy and her face is almost 100% back to normal... Hannah is busy recovering from Bronchiolitis and is full of life and energy.. Ethan is trying very hard to stand for longer than 2 sec's and is doing so well. Can't believe he will be 1 in less than 2 weeks time, he has grown up so quickly!

Furthermore, we are getting ready to move - yes again... But my gut feel tells me this move is going to be good for us. So I am packing and getting everything ready and sorted for the big move next weekend..

Its Vanessa's wedding on Saturday, looking forward to that....

Have a great weekend everyone..

Lots of love

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peace Of Mind.......

Hi All,

Hope everyone is well and keeping warm.... I can't wait for summer to arrive.... The smell of summer rain, summer braais and wearing less clothes... Also the joy in watching my children enjoy the outdoors and splash in water , just having fun.. They are so irritated by staying indoors most of the time cause its so cold...

We had Hannah at the paediatrician this morning just for a second opinion and to just make sure there is nothing else causing the paralysis in her face and because we have seen no change since she started all the meds.. The paed does not seem extremely worried, he checked her from top to toe and said all looks good except for the paralysis in the face. He put her on stronger meds and said we should wait a week and come back, if there is absolutely no change, he will then insist on an MRI Scan and blood work.. We are positive that it won't come to that and that we are going to see big change...

Hannah is 2yrs 7months today.. She is growing so quickly and learning so much.. She basically says everything you say, so we are very careful what we and others say around her.. Its amazing how they learn a persons tricks and sayings...

Anyway have a great day and thank you for all the prayers for Hannah, I just know they are working..


Monday, July 13, 2009

Bell's Palsy???

Hi All,

Hope everyone had a good weekend with your loved ones and friends....

We had a pretty eventful and very stressful start to our weekend....

It all started when I got home on Friday afternoon after work.. I walked into 2 smiling children except there was something wrong with Hannah's smile... Her smile was just not the same smile and I just took a deep breath and sat down on the couch and kept saying to her " look at mommy", "smile for mommy"... It looked as though the entire right side of her face had no emotion and was not responding when she smiled or cried or spoke... My heart sank right to my feet and I started to panic... I was almost sure I was seeing things but my gut instinct was telling me there is something wrong!

My aunt was on her way to me and I thought I would just wait for her to get to me and see if she see's the same... I called Stephan and he said I must just wait till he gets home and he will check her face but he said he is sure its nothing!! My aunt walked thorugh the door and took one look at Hannah and said she see's exactly the same thing!! Now, I was really worried, I loaded Hannah and Ethan in the car and off we went to the doctor...

We finally saw the doctor and all he said was that she has Bells Palsy.... Huh, what is that!! Well, its a tempory facial paralysis that is caused by a virus that attacks the facial nerve and causes damage... Sounds scary!! The paed says the prognosis in children is very good but its very rare to see Bells Palsy in a child Hannah's age.. The doctor does not seem as worried as Stephan and I though! He said we must give it till Thursday and if we see now change by then, he will draw blood and start all the big scans etc, to make sure there is no underlying problems!

All I ask is for prayers that Hannah recovers full and quickly and that there are no other underlying issues.. We are very positive that she will recover nicely and that this is just merely a bump in the road!

God Bless..

Lost of love

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Declan Day

DECLAN DU TOIT - The Inspiration
Stephan, Me, Simon & Gillian

Pet & Caelum

Nadine, Fabienne & Isabella

Liesel doing face painting - I think Liesel did a great job!

Fern and Amy - what a cute baby girl! I loved holding her...

Liesel and Me

Precious Aiden - Kim's little one

Hi All,

Hope everyone is keeping warm in this very cold weather we are having.. I definately think winter has finally arrived..

What an awesome weekend we had, especially on Sunday..

Sunday was an extra special day, it was Declan Day! Stephan and I are part of a charity called All Hands On Dec Friends, inspired by the brave Declan Du Toit, which fought so hard and lost his battle to cancer on 8 February 2009..

So many people came out in the cold to show their support and love they have for this brave little soul and to do a little to help save lives. There were over 60 new Stem Cell Bone Marrow donors and over 60 pints of blood donated.

You could just see Declan smiling down on Gillian & Daryl..

Gill & daryl, what an amazing day it was.. A day to honour your son! It was perfect in so many ways.. Your dedication and love shows and your bravery shines so bright.. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of All Hands On Dec Friends.. Its an honour and privillage!

See pictures above of Declan Day! Everyone was smiling, just like Declan did..

God Bless and Keep you all safe!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is why.....

Hi All,

Samm sent me pictures of the Scrub a dub dub handout at Kalefong hospital and I am so glad she did.. I know that there is a lot of you that don't understand why I do what I do!! I don't have kids with cancer so how on earth can I possibly care so deeply for these other kids battling the disease?? This question is asked to me over and over again...

Well, I care so incredibly much because these kids are so very brave.. Braver than any adult I have ever known.. They endure so much... I want to make a difference, be it a small one, at least I know I have tried.. I love children and love seeing them smile and be happy..

I could carry on, but have a look at these pictures and then you will see why I do what I do!! Why I care so much... Have a look at the sparkle in their eyes, have a look at the moments happiness just a few simple things bring, that we take for granted everyday.. Maybe then you will understand!

Lots of love

Monday, June 15, 2009

Here's to New Friends, Love, Tears and Memories....

Gorgeous Declan... Happy 1st birthday Angel Boy!! May you enjoy your celebrations with all the Angels in heaven!!
My little red haired looker fast asleep in Daddy's arms!!

Stephan sporting the latest in hard hats - when we went to Soccer City Stadium!

Hannah in her new tracksuit Granny made! Thanks mom!

Hi All,

Can you imagine experiencing so much in one weekend? This weekend alone, I experienced so many different emotions at once.... Love, heartsore, joy, admiration, nervousness , I could continue.....

Here is a little on my weekend and how we spent our weekend....

I took a day's leave on Friday, as I had, had a terrible week at the office and needed some breathing space and I was going to Kalefong hospital with Samm, Megan & Choc Pretoria to hand out the Scrub a dub dub hampers...

Samm fetched me round 11am s0 we could all meet at the Choc house in Pretoria.. My stomach started turning and I just knew it was going to be an emotional rollercoaster ride.. The Choc house is beautiful, I was taken from room to room by Megan and Samm and wow what a wonderful house, just what the kiddies need to lift their spirits... Then it was time to make our way to Kalefong.. I could really feel a lump forming and I started wondering how on earth I was going to see these kids without falling apart.. Samm reminded me that we must focus on why we are doing this and its to make the kids happy and try make things a little easier for them.. That gave me something to focus on and I was able to control the tears.. When I felt them welling up, I would just take a deep breath and try focus again..

I had photos taken with a few children and what beautiful children. The joy and sparkle in their eyes is enough to know how much they appreciate these gifts.. Samm, you continue to inspire me and I am truly honoured that I was able to go along and see for myself first hand what these tiny souls endure.. Thank you Samm for caring so much...

There was another thing working on my mind though and that was the thought of giving Gill & Daryl the photobook I made with pictures of gorgeous Declan in and all the messages from everyone that supports Gill & Daryl... I don't know why I was so nervous, I don't do well with reality and was just scared of what Gillian & Daryls reaction will be.. I put my brave face on and we arrived at Gillian & Daryls... And handed the special cargo over to Gill! We had such a great time with them.. Gillian & Daryl are truly amazing and inspiring people.. I admire them for all they have been through.. I am sure this weekend was tough for them but there is such comfort knowing that Declan is in heaven and is smiling down at his mommy & daddy!! Gillian & Daryl, I hope and pray that the memories in your photobook will always remind you of how truly precious and special Declan was and is to so many people.. Declan is a light that has lit up an entire nation.. Declan is pure love, pure joy and pure happiness! Declan is your miracle and that, I tried to capture in the book, showing you that Your miracle, Declan, has touched my life and so many others in such a special way! Gill & Daryl, I wish you both endless happiness and lots of laughter... I pray that you are comforted every night and I hope you know how much you are loved! I hope we can have many good years of friendship!!

On Sunday we had a relaxing day, we spent it with the kids, just being lazy and I even managed to take a nap with Hannah... When I look at my children, I know I am truly blessed and when I look at my husband I know that I am loved! I just hope that my family knows how much I appreciate and love them... Especially Stephan, I am kinda hard on the guy sometimes..

Hannah is 30 months today!! Happy 30 months my gorgeous baby girl! You are growing up so fast.... Love you madly!!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!! God Bless you and keep you all safe!

Lots of love