Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy Busy Times Ahead.....

Hi All,

Hope you all had a fantastic easter weekend and that the true meaning of easter was felt by all..

We had a rather busy weekend to say the least.... But all in all it was a fantastic one!

On Thursday, I rushed home to get the kiddies bathed and in their pyjamas as they were going to visit granny while Stephan and I attended the All - Hands - On - Dec - Friends Charity committee meeting, yes I am on the committee and I know I am going to enjoy it! After the kiddies were settled and ready to go, we made our way to Krugersdorp to drop them at my moms.. Hannah fell asleep in the car on the way there and I just knew we were going to have a hard time if she woke up and we left her at granny. So being the careful and quiet (ha ha - what a joke) parents we are, we tried our very best not to wake her but to no avail.. She let rip, with a load cry.. I figured that I would have to calm her before we left for the meeting.. After granny & Daddy tried to calm her and they didn't succeed, I thought that maybe a tad bit of bribery will do the trick.. So to really look like this awesome mommy, I casually strolled into the kitchen and asked Hannah if she wanted some chippies (her absolute fav) and the tears dried up and out came a smile.... Yay for mommy..

So we then left for Kerry (friend of Gillians) house in Morningside, armed with our map and the directions Kerry gave due to road closures.... Stephan and I have a history of getting lost when trying to find places because he never listens when I tell him to turn.... Then we end up arguing, but funny enough we never got lost and never argued once...

We had a great evening with Gillian & Daryl....

On Friday, I was a bit worse for wear, so we headed home from Grannys and spent the day playing with kiddies and when they went for their afternoon nap, I embroidered some facecloths for Samm's Scrub A Dub Dub project.. I am pretty far already, I have done 30 facecloths... The day was great as we spent it together as a family...

On Saturday, Stephan had to work, so I was left alone with Hannah & Ethan and they were amazing, we played a little, watched some DVDS and slept.. What a lot of special time I had to spend with my babies, I treasure every smile, every laugh and every single hug, kiss and I love you.... We missed Stephan very much though..

On Sunday, we had another quiet day, we spent most of the day with the kiddes outside playing.. Hannah loved playing in the water and Ethan enjoyed being outside.. Did I mention, Ethan is reallly trying to get theis crawling thing 100% and is moving around more.... Ethan had his first ice-cream on a cone and loved it..... It was a great day..

On Monday, Stephan had to work again, so we all went to Krugersdorp again.. Hannah, Ethan and myself went to do a little shopping in Clear Water Mall... It was fun.. Ethan was a absolute star as he slept through the whole shopping experience and Hannah entertained me by telling me she "loves me madly" - a new saying that she has picked up.. We then went back to Grannys so that Hannah could take a nap and Granny and I sat discussing all the charity projects coming up and we were trying out a few things...... We then fetched Stephan and made our way home and had a peaceful evening further....

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend with your loved ones... Hope you all have a very blessed week..

Love US

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Honour You Today, Angel Declan Du Toit!

Hi All,

Today marks 2 months since the passing of Brave Little Declan Du Toit...

I just want to use today to thank God for allowing us to know and be part of Declan's short stay here on earth.. Declan did not get his miracle on earth but he received it at the very hand of our Father in Heaven!

Please take a moment today to remember Brave little Declan and all other children who have lost their battle to cancer. Also remember those fighting this horrible monster.

Please say an extra special prayer for Declan's mommy & daddy, Gillian & Daryl, that the Lord comforts them today and holds them close.

Thank you Gillian & Daryl for allowing us to be part of Declans precious life and allowing us in your hearts!

We will always remember you Angel Declan...



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time for a new post!!

Shopping Diva!

Ethan chewing his dummy!

Hi All,

Hope you are all well ? I think its about time to put pictures on our blog!

Things are really busy lately with all the happenings...

Samm started her new project for the year called Scrub A Dub Dub - she is going to start a facebook profile and if you want more details on the project then go visit her blogspot: http://www.deqlanhiggins.blogspot.com/ or email her on bryb@polka.co.za or at samt.etravel@galileosa.co.za

Gillian & Daryl have also got loads of projects in the pipeline for All-Hands-on-Dec-Friends, so I will post updates here about all the upcoming events but they can be viewed on the All-Hands-On-Dec-Friends facebook profile page or on the website at http://www.all-hands-on-dec.co.za/

Please support these amazing people as they help so many less fortunate children suffering from cancer. They just want to make things a little easier for these courageous warriors battling a horrible monster.

Furthermore, Hannah & Ethan are well.. Growing up so quickly, Hannah is talking so nicely, she picks up every word we say and repeats it back to us.. SO we really need to watch what we say around the little monkey.. Ethan is trying real hard to crawl but keeps falling on his face so he is very frustrated at the moment.. But all good things come in time..

Have a wonderful week and fantastic Easter Weekend.. God bless and Keep you all safe.