Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Deqlan Ross Higgins - Cancer Survivor
Declan Du Toit - Brave little Angel

Hi All,

For those of you that do not know - September is childhood cancer awareness month. My dear friend Samm is honouring a warrior, angel or survivor of cancer each day and I would like to follow her example by honouring these children.

I am going to be dedicating the entire month to two very dear children that are very close to my heart:

Declan Du Toit - Angel

I followed Declan's journey by reading his blog from when he was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age and continued to follow until now, even though Declan is no longer with us, he lives on in spirit guiding everyone to do good work in his remembrance. Please go read Declan's story and go and see what his parents are doing in his memory on

I was and still am amazed at the strength of a small baby, Declan had unbelievable courage and fight in him. Although Declan is sorely missed by many, he lived his purpose and left a huge imprint on everyones life. The most gorgeous little baby with the most wise eyes!

This month we thank the Lord for allowing us to be part of Declan's life and to follow his story.. We remember and honour Declan this month.

Deqlan Ross Higgins - Survivor

What more can one say about a Brave little boy! Deqlan was diagnosed with cancer round 8 months old and he fought a avery brave fight - he was determined to beat cancer and he did. I followed his story every step of the way and continue to follow his story as he goes full steam ahead, with the help of his wonderful family, to overcome his Autism. Deqlan ahs made wonderful progress and I urge you all to read his story on

Deqlan, we are so proud of you and we can see all the strength and determination in your eyes - you are here for a divine purpose and I can't wait to see you grow up and fulfill that purpose. You have a very special place in my heart always and forever!

This month we thank the Lord for Deqlan and his continued health, we also honour you Brave Deqlan!

We also think of and continue to pray for all those little ones fighting this horrible monster. We pray that the Lord holds them in palm of His hands and heals them. We also think of and pray for all the families who have lost children to this horrible monster!

Lets stand together and create awareness for Childhood cancer!



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Brithday Ethan!

Ethan making his entrance a year ago!
Mommy finally meeting Ethan!

Sleeping in his hospital cot - so peaceful!

Ethan at 1 year!
Happy birthday big boy!

To Our Gorgeous Baby Boy!

Time has passed by so quickly and you are growing so fast. I can remember your birth day so clear, it was a cold day, storms everywhere - there had to be big events happening beacuse the most special little boy was going to be born. I was so excited to meet you and I was so happy to see your tiny face all safe and sound once Dr Miems finally got you out!

There is never a day that you don't smile - when I walk throurgh the door everydasy after a long hard day, you are so excited to see me and smile from ear to ear.. What more could a mother ask for....

We love you so much and wish only the best for you.. We love you tons and tons. God bless and keep you safe our precious baby boy!


Mommy, Daddy and Hannah