Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Breast Cancer Walkathon - 18 October 2009

In deep thought!
Some people walking

Doing what us ladies do best - talking!

Still at the start!

At the Start...


Me - doing the walk with Ethan in the pram!
( Daryl help push Ethan most of the way - Alicia helped too and Gill helped too)

Silvana, Little Julian and Silvana's Sister!

Chatting and waiting!

Standing and waiting!

Kim and Oh So Cute Aiden!

Daryl - Declan's Daddy

Gill - Declan's Mommy

Some Deccie supporters!

The Crowds

Hi All,

I hope everyone is well? We are doing just fine.. Hannah is getting so big and Ethan too..

We did the 5km Breast Cancer Walkathon on Sunday... It was great fun, tiring, but fun.. Hannah and Daddy went to walk around the Zoo and look at all the animals and Gill, Alicia, Daryl, Liesel, Silvana & hubby & sister and Julian and Ethan and Myself took on the 5km in our Declan T-shirts - I know I have missed a few names but I can't remember everyone....

So Enjoy the pics...



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bandana Day Today!

Hi All,

I am finally able to sit and do a quick blog before my day gets real hectic...

Today is Bandana day - so if you have not purchased your bandana, go and get one - the proceeds go to The Sunflower Fund.... to read more about The Sunflower Fund go to http://www.sunflowerfund.org.za/

We must remember and celebrate the lives of those that are fighting cancer, those we have lost to cancer and those that have survived cancer:

So here is to the precious lives of:

Angel Declan Du Toit - A dear baby very close to my heart who passed away from cancer at the tender age of 8 months.. He fought a brave fight and received his miracle finally in heaven. We celebrate his precious life - those beautiful blue eyes and smile!

Deqlan Ross Higgins - A brave survivor of cancer... Deqlan is extemely near and dear to my heart. Deqlan was diagnosed with cancer and fought so hard, he won his battle and is now NED (No Evidence of disease)... He celebrated his 3rd birthday on the 11th of September 2009. Deqlan opened my eyes to the world of cancer - Since I started following his story - I have met very brave children and adults alike that are fighting this monster.... We celebrate you today too, Deqlan!

Reef Carneson - A dear baby that is currently fighting, was diagnosed with Leukemia and has had a bone marrow transplant... The marrow is working and he now needs lots platelets.. We celebrate your life today, Reef !...

I have just put three names up here, but there are so many fighters out there.... We celebrate all the lives of the Cancer Survivors, Warriors and Angels!

God Bless Everyone and Keep you all safe!

Lots of Bandana Love