Wednesday, August 27, 2008

4D Scans @ 36 Weeks of Ethan!

Hi All,
These are the 4D scans we had done when I was 36 weeks pregnant! Enjoy!


Hi All,

Hope everyone is well? I know it has been a while since I updated the blog but I have now finally found the time to just sit and update.

Things have been quite hectic up until now. I am busy getting everything prepared and ready for Ethan. He arrives in 5 days time. We are very excited and can't wait to meet our precious little boy.

I was at the doctor today. Ethan is weighing +/- 3.2 kg but the doctor seems to think he will be bigger. All is well. I am just very uncomfortable and sore, but its nearly over.

Hannah is doing very well. She has graduated from 18-24 months clothes to 2-3yrs. She is growing so fast. SHe has learn't a couple of new words: eg: No Way, Nice, sit hierso (afrikaans), come and Oh no!! She is so cute and absolutely loves spending her time watching Happy Feet, Finding Nemo and Madagascar. Hannah dances along when the characters dance and when they are in trouble she responds with a very sad OH NO! I can't believe how fast they grow!

On Sunday we went and spent the day at Rooihuiskraal terrein, what a lovely day it was. Hannah fed the animals and she ran around and chased the buck. She had such a wonderful day in the sunshine and was absolutely exhausted at the end of the day. i took lots of pictures but left my cameras USB cable at work. I will fetch it and then post pictures.

Well the count down begins to the arrival of our precious baby boy. Wish us luck! 30My ceaser will be on Monday 1st September at 10:30am.

God Bless All and keep well!

Claire, Stephan & Hannah

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy 20 Months Hannah!

To My Baby Girl, Hannah,

How time is just flying by! You are growing so fast and learning so much.

Its just the other day that you were born and placed into my arms, and i fell in love with you immediatly. A love you cannot describe to anyone, a love only a mother can understand. I won't forget the proud look on your daddy's face when you were born, He was beaming from ear to ear, His little girl had entered the world.

You are now 20 months old and have turned into such a lovely & lively toddler, somedays we can't keep up. You are learning so much! You definately have rhythem as your little dances bring a smile to our faces as we watch you enjoy the music so much.

Always remember, we love you with all our hearts. '

All our Love
Mommy & Daddy

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pictures of My 4D Scan - Eventually!!

Hi All,

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and a great start to your week. We certainly had a good weekend, but it was busy as we prepare our house with last items for the arrival of Ethan Sean Ferreira on the 1st September!
This is just a quick update. I finally managed to get my 4D scans, scanned, in order to post them on the blog. I had these scans done when i was 28 weeks pregnant and i am already 36 weeks. Time is really flying and I have 2 1/2 weeks to go before i meet my little boy. We are so excited.

I took Hannah, to Irene Dairy on Sunday to rub the cows. She loved it. She shrieked with laughter everytime she touched a cow, she chased the ducks and chickens and i had trouble keeping her away from the water. Its a pity that my "porridge brain" kicked in and i forgot to take my camera along.

Hannah is growing so fast. I can remember the day the doctors put her in my arms, I can remember how little she was. She weighed 2.9kg at birth and she was so tiny. I remember that day so well, it will forever be printed in my memory. The day my baby girl was born, what joy she has brought to our lives and she has taught us so very much.

Have a great week further! I am going to the doctor today, so will be able to update on how Ethan has grown since I last saw the doc.

God Bless & Keep safe!

Claire, Stephan & Hannah

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some pictures to enjoy!

Nappy Cake
Opening gifts

Hannah clapping

Hannah & the other kiddies

Hannah with her chippies

Hannah having fun

Gifts from Granny

Decor and food!

Nappy cake Made by Mom!

Stork Party, Injections & News

Hi All,

Apologies for only posting now. It has been very hectic at work as I am now trying to get everything done before I go on Maternity leave in 3 weeks time.

Last weekend was a busy weekend that of course left me exhausted. On Saturday morning we woke up early so we could to the mall so I could buy bigger maternity tops as my belly keeps growing.

I then made my way to Krugersdorp for my stork party. It was really a lovely afternoon with family and friends. We received such lovely gifts and lots of clothes, my little boy now has everything and we are ready for his arrival on the 1st of September. We are really excited to meet Ethan, we wonder daily what will he look like and if he will have hair but most important we pray that he is in good health. Thank you to everyone who spent the day with us, it was fun chatting to everyone and Hannah absolutely entertained everyone with dancing, clapping and just being real cute. Hannah played with all the other children and was completely exhausted when we drove home, she fell asleep instantly in the car on the way home.

On Sunday we went and did the usual grocery shopping and then went to have lunch by friends of ours. After lunch Stephan and I went home and started on the moving of furniture, disinfecting Ethan's cot so we could put his bedding in and I started washing all of Ethan's clothes and blankets. We are now ready for his arrival.

The week was real busy and exhausting, I am making sure everything is sorted before i go on maternity leave so I am not really getting achance to just take a breather. I do realise though that I must start slowing down and taking it easy, my body is really taking strain now.

On Thursday afternoon Hannah went for her last injections, two, one in each arm. This time around she cried from the very start but stopped real quickly afterwards. It still breaks my heart everytime to take her for these injections but it has to be done to keep her healthy. I just put on a brave face and let her know it is nearly over, its amazing how these little ones have so much trust in you as a parent and that they seek that reassurance, comfort and security from you. Even though you were the one holding them tight to get the injections, they still turn to you for protection. Hannah is my little girl and will stay that way forever.

The last visit to the doc confirmed that Ethan was already 2.146kg and that he is growing well, in fact he is a whole week ahead. I see the doc again on the 12 August and will then be able to do an update on how big he will be then. We are so blessed with a precious little girl and now a wonderful little boy to complete our family. I am getting real tired and sore now, although i am trying to enjoy these last 4 weeks as this will be my last pregnancy.

Well thats all the news for now. Keep well and God Bless you all!!

Love Us