Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old, In with the new! Welcoming 2011 with a smile...

Hi All,

Looking back at 2010, so much has happened and so much has changed!

2010 brought about a very tough year but was also filled with lots of blessings from our Father above!

With every door that was closed this past year, a new one opened and I am grateful for each and every new door that opened. There were times this year where I felt very lost, very alone and very afraid and there were times that I felt overjoyed, excited and very loved.

I have learn't so many life lessons in just 2010 and have bumped my head six million times but thats the way we learn and then we move on.

2011 brings about promise of a new beginning. I am ready to grab this with both hands. I feel that 2011 is going to be a great year, a year of new things and new memories..

I look forward to welcoming my little niece into this crazy world....
I look forward to bearing witness to my best friends wedding....
I look forward to my brothers long awaited wedding....
I look forward to new friendships and spending time with old friends....

I am not making any new years resolutions because I never keep them but one thing I can promise for the new year is that I will grow in my spiritual life this year, its going to be a year of big change!

To everyone that has been a part of my life throughout 2010 - Thank you for your friendship, kindness and above all thank you for loving me just the way I am!

Happy new year everyone! May each and every one of you be blessed this coming year.. Be safe and lets make 2011 awesome.


Friday, October 1, 2010

This Day 5 Years Ago! Happy Anniversary My Love!

Looking back at this day! I remember it so clearly, like it happened yesterday! It was a wonderful day!

Happy Anniversary my love! Here to us on this very special day!

We have been through a lot in 5 years and we still going strong, lets make the next years great!

Love you lots!
All My Love

Friday, September 24, 2010

A new little life, so tiny and so perfect...

Today, 24 September 2010, I got the honour of going to see little Kyra Erin Du Toit..

I arrived at the hospital busy reminding myself not to cry (I have been very emotional lately). When I saw Gillian bring little Kyra to the window, it was great - a true little miracle baby lying before my eyes. She is definately here with a purpose, she is the treasure of her mother's heart and definately daddy's little girl.

Gillian was glowing, looking great after a c-section and Daryl had a smile from ear to ear and little Kyra was lying in her cot, so tiny, so perfect..

I never got to see Declan, so its really something to be able to see his little sister.. I just can't wait to hold her!

Just wanted to share, what was a very special moment for me... And now I wait patiently for my turn to hold her..

God Bless you little Kyra - you are a true blessing! You will always be protected by Declan, your Guardian Angel!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome To the World, Princess Tic Tac Du Toit

Congratulations Gillian and Daryl on the arrival of your precious baby girl @ 16:25pm today, weighing 2.98kg...

She has the most precious little face and is absolutely beautiful!
She is going to fill your lives with love, laughter, fun and joy!

May God bless her in abundance today and forever more.

Enjoy her and enjoy the time together as a wonderful family!

Happy Birthday, Aunty Bev!

Happy Birthday Aunty Bev!
I hope you have a super special day and that you are spoilt rotten just like your two wonderful daughters know how to do!

I am dedicating this post to you beacsue you are one amazing woman with unbelievable strength & wisdom and you have so much love to give, not only to your gorgeous grandchildren but to everyone that crosses your path.

You are truly an earth angel and you are admired in so many different ways!

May God richly bless you for many many more years!

Lots of love
Claire, Stephan, Hannah & Ethan

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A New Look....

So I decided to give my poor shabby little blog a facelift.. What do you all think? I mean can one ever be satisfied with the look of your blog.. I am going to say: yes for now but I am sure I will change my mind at a later stage!

I will most definately be posting more often and I look forward to many happy blogging days!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Ethan!

To My Gorgeous Baby Boy,

Happy Happy Birthday!

You are so very special to us and we love you unconditionally! You are getting so big so quickly and mommy is half sad that you are growing up so fast but I am enjoying you so very much. Your laughter is so catchy and straight from your belly and your smile is to die for. You are a real charmer and the ladies love you!

Have a great day my big boy and we can't wait for you to enjoy your Toy Story party on Sunday!

Love you lots!
Mommy, Daddy and Hannah

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Angel Declan....

Here is a poem for you Gill & Daryl, today as you miss Declan more than ever and as you celebrate Declan's 2nd birthday!

A Message From Heaven

I am not so far from you
Just a little way beyond
Past the cares and past the pain
Far past my earthly bonds

When you feel you miss me most
As years go drifting by
Each memory will prove to you
That our love will never die

For our memories are but a touch
From the Fathers gentle hand
To heal your pain and mend your hearts
To help you understand

That while I left you far to soon
I did not leave alone
For the Father sent his angels
To gently take me home

Take comfort when you think of me
Keep my love alive in your heart
And with the warmth of each memory
We will never be apart

Lots of love


Happy Birthday, Angel boy... You are truly missed! Your memory lives on forever!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Weekend at Dikhololo in pictures!

All of us on our quad ride!

The kiddies playing chess..

Belito feeding the kiddies!

Lovng the sun and loving the tennis court

On our little walk

Having fun in the sand.

Kaptein span die seile, Kaptein sy is myne!

Hannah giving us a nice smile!

having fun and being a boy!

Eating chippies..

Daddy & Ethan on the bike!

Mommy & Hannah on the bike!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Finally, Pictures of my babies!

Hannah in her school uniform, hiding a sweet behind her back!

Hannah balancing her "Little Vineyard Nursery School" hat on her head!
Almost done , Mom!

How messy but still cute!

Ethan enjoying his ribs at Spur!

Hi All,

I have been dying to put pictures of my beautiful babies up on the blog but Ethan first hid my camera away and now it is broken.

I have taken pictures with my blackberry, they are not wonderful pictures but at least I can put a few pictures up until I buy myself a new camera.


Monday, February 15, 2010

A Little Miracle for Two Very Deserving Friends......

Hi All,

I am so excited to finally write this post, it has taken every ounce of my being not to scream this wonderful news from the top of a mountain...

Gillian & Daryl (Declan's Mommy & Daddy) are expecting a little bundle of joy , a pure little miracle.. I cannot think of two more deserving people and I am delighted for them.

Gill & Daryl

May your little miracle bring you both elated joy and may you have a fantastic pregnancy.. I wish for you both only good things and tons of blessings...
Know that I am over the moon and so very excited.
I can't wait to meet your miracle...

Lot's of Love


Monday, February 8, 2010

We Remember You, Angel Declan!

Dear Declan,

Today marks 1 year since the Lord folded you in his arms and took you home to rest. You are missed very much everyday, not only by your mommy and daddy but by an entire world...

Today we remember your beautiful smile

Today we remember your wise blue eyes

Today we remember your courage

Today we remember your bravery

Today we remember your fight

Today we remember you!

Continue to fly free and continue to watch over your very brave parents, hold your mommy & daddy today and let them know that you will never leave their side...

You continue to ripple it far and wide, Brave Declan!
You are missed!

Lots of love


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hannah's 1st Day at School....

Hi All,

Just a quick blog to tell you how Hannah coped on her 1st day of school yesterday and how mommy coped....

Hannah was so excited, she couldn't wait to get in the car with her bag and embark on this adventure.. We all went, Daddy, Mommy & Ethan, to go settle Hannah in at school. When she arrived she greeted everyone with a huge smile and a very polite " Hello, fine and you?" - Hannah does not wait for someone to ask how she is, she just lets them know she is fine and asks how they are....

I started crying on our way to the school already and all Hannah could ask me was " Why are you crying?" - my response " Mommy is so happy that you are starting at a new school today" and she was satisfied with that answer. Deep down I knew I can't cry when I say goodbye to her because that will make her uneasy. So mentally preparing myself for the worst reaction from Hannah, I got ready to say goddbye. Hannah gave us a huge hug and kiss and said, see you later....
It broke my heart that my little girl is so brave but I was so happy because it made things easier for her and me...

Sometimes I think that the mothers have the problems adjusting, not the children...

She had a fantastic time, learn't a new song about a frog and her teacher said she fits in just perfect.... When I got home last night she could not wait to tell me about her day and then at exactly 7:30pm she was sound asleep....

I will post some pictures tonight or tomorrow morning, I forgot my camera at home today - silly me..

Have a fantastic day and God Bless you all..


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweating The Small Stuff........

Hi All,

I have a lot on my mind lately, especially this week and I need to write something somewhere as I am scared my head will end up bursting with all the thoughts racing through it..

Has anyone ever had the feeling / experience of thinking about the little things that was said to you all at once and it feels like you can't finish thinking of 1 thing then the next just jumps into your mind?? Well that is exactly whats going on in my head at the moment, so I figured that I would blog about it.... Maybe I can then sort through my filing cabinet (my mind) and get my thoughts back on track and in order....... Shew, so here goes..

For as long as I can remember I always wondered why I sweat the small stuff, why do little things affect me so much and bigger things I tend to handle with a lot more grace and I normally take the bigger things in my stride... But the small things hurt, throw me off track, make me questions things.... if anyone has an answer then I am all ears....

There are so many things that I treasure and that are important to me for eg: a flower picked from a garden and given to me - To someone else this may seem like a small gesture or "Oh, how nice, a flower" but to me its affection, it tells me that, that person thought of me and cares for me, if you see where I am going with this...

I have never expected anything from anyone ever but yet some feel that my expectations placed on them are very high - I might not see what others see but what I believe in is what makes me, well me.... I have spent my whole life trying to mould myself to others perceptions on how I should be and behave - I have done this for as long as I can remember and always end up asking myself why? Shouldn't people just like me for who I am? Am I too afraid to let people know who I am in fear of rejection?? Ok Ok - lets not get too deep on this one, but I am sure you know what I mean..

A few things were said to me a while ago, some of it hurt and some didn't but as I continue thinking about these things I can see that it was purely a projection and not really an attack on me as a person... So the sooner I learn this lesson the better things will be......

I thought this blog would be longer but it was just a quick scribble of what is going through my mind and hey I feel better already..... It helps to get those thoughts and feelings down and out there...

To all my friends - I treasure our friendship more than you will ever know...

To My Beautiful Children - I love you very very much and I am blessed to have every single day with you..

To My Husband - You are indeed my strength and you have listened to me go on and on about all this stuff in my head - You have helped me see things from others point of view and I love you lots for allowing me to be me...

God bless everyone..


Monday, January 4, 2010

Out with Old, In with the New!

Here is Bolt our other baby!

Ethan - I thought this was so cute!
Hannah dressed up for photo day at school last year!

Busy Busy!

Hannah helping decorate the Christmas tree

Hannah enjoying the pressies

Ethan doing his own thing!

Hannah climbing into the pressies on Christmas morning!

Hannah, Ethan and Bolt
Hannah & Ethan enjoying the hot weather we have had!

Swim Time

Ethan Dancing ...
Ethan in his Speedo - Cute!

Hi All,

Wow, I haven't posted in such a long time and I have really missed posting about this and that. This post is going to be a little of this and a little of that..

Where do I start? December was a pretty busy and fun-filled month for us. We spent so much time with the kids, who I might add are extremely busy, although hectic was really great!
We spent a week on Tania's farm - boy oh boy - the kids had a ball... Ethan loved the open space to run around and Hannah just loved the farm animals.. She got to feed little lambs with a bottle and she got to touch a baby Makou (not sure about the spelling)... She watched the cow being milked and enjoyed feeding all the chickens... Ethan was a bit crabbly that week due to him having the MMR vaccination the previous week but all in all it was nice to be away a little...

The rest of the holidays was spent at home and taking the kids out and about....

Christmas Eve was spent at my sisters house and it was a relaxing evening... Hannah enjoyed the pool and Ethan slept - which gave me & Stephan a bit of a break to just relax and sit down..

This was the first year that we spent Christmas day on our own at home - every year is normally spent with my mom and the family but this year was a little different as everyone was away. It was a quite day spent with my little family... Stephan and I packed all the pressies the previous night so that when the kiddies woke up on Christmas morning they could see all the pressies waiting for them.. Hannah was so surprised and Ethan was not bothered - he looked at the tree and ran away to find a toy to play with... The kids loved all their gifts and thanks to everyone for their gifts..

December was a great month filled with lots of much needed family time - its amazing how fast the kids grow... I held a little baby (1 month old) in my arms on old years eve and I got all the flashback memories to when my babies were that small and you could just cuddle them... I love newborn babies, the smell the small feet and little hands - I miss that so much but do not want anymore kids, so to my wonderful friends that are going to try for a baby (you know who you are) - hurry please I want to hold a little one for very long... LOL


To All Our Wonderful Friends and Family,

Have an awesome new year.. I have this amazing gut feel that 2010 is going to be an awesome year filled with promises from above... I am so ready for 2010 and can't wait to see what the new year holds...
2009 was a rough year for us (and i am sure for many others too) but we are NOT going to look back and worry about what 2009 brought because 2010 holds new promises, new hopes and new dreams..... I wish everyone everything of the best for this year.. May all your dreams and wishes come true and may your faith remain sturdy...

There has been lots of good things and blessings that came out of 2009 and I know that those blessings will carry forth for many years.. When things go wrong you tend to forget what you have been blessed with... I have so much to be grateful and thankful for and when I look around me I see all the wonderful things and people that have come into my life and ones that have been there all along, but I was so blinded by problems that I didn't notice......

I am thankful for:

1 ) My Children - when I look in their eyes I know I am blessed.. They love me no matter what - If i make a mistake they still love me - if I break a promise they still love me... Unconditional love is what they have for me and I made a promise to myself that I will love unconditionally this year and always....

2) My Husband - I am blessed to be loved by a great man - 2009 is in the past and 2010 is going to be our year, My love!

3) New friends - it has always been a mammoth task for me to make friends - I do not have a great track record when it comes to friends but I have made a very special friend in 2009 - the circumstances at the time allowed us to meet and now we are getting closer bit by bit.. Thanks Gill for being such a great friend and for allowing our friendship to grow - I see many years of friendship..... (Lots of hope and faith)

4) Family - I have a great family - lots of brothers and 1 sister..... Love you lots guys..

5) People in need - I am blessed with the ability to make a difference and 2010 is going to be the year that we are going to make a huge impact for many years to come...

To My Brother Sean,
Happy birthday for the 1st January - 30 - wow you getting old now - LOL...

We enjoyed the new years party with you and especially because we were able to celebrate your birthday with you..
You are very special to me and I love you lots - enjoy your 30's - I believe its all good from now on!!

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!
Lots of love