Friday, September 24, 2010

A new little life, so tiny and so perfect...

Today, 24 September 2010, I got the honour of going to see little Kyra Erin Du Toit..

I arrived at the hospital busy reminding myself not to cry (I have been very emotional lately). When I saw Gillian bring little Kyra to the window, it was great - a true little miracle baby lying before my eyes. She is definately here with a purpose, she is the treasure of her mother's heart and definately daddy's little girl.

Gillian was glowing, looking great after a c-section and Daryl had a smile from ear to ear and little Kyra was lying in her cot, so tiny, so perfect..

I never got to see Declan, so its really something to be able to see his little sister.. I just can't wait to hold her!

Just wanted to share, what was a very special moment for me... And now I wait patiently for my turn to hold her..

God Bless you little Kyra - you are a true blessing! You will always be protected by Declan, your Guardian Angel!

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